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On Demand Business Research & Intelligence Services

Our intelligence and on demand business research service gathers, analyzes and provides specific information about industry sectors, product areas and specific organizations.

The firms research and intelligence has been used in new product development research, acquisition searches, business development and the sourcing of new suppliers.  We can quickly and efficiently help you find and understand what you are seeking.

Business Development & Marketplace Research
Acting as a compliment to your in-house marketing departments we can identify new “high value” markets and customers for your existing products. We perform feasibility studies and help you understand the competitive landscape or provide you with an overview of a targeted customer. We have experience in searching for and selecting foreign agents and distributors from which you can increase revenues.

New Product Development Research
Our research service provides you with ideas that very quickly can turn into replacement or additional revenue streams. With our combined experience and access to sources throughout the world, we can provide you with a short list of ideas, fully researched according to product areas, geographical potential, marketplace receptivity, profit potential and competitive landscape.

Supplier Sourcing

Our Vendor and Supplier Sourcing Research Services save you time in finding suppliers or alternative sources of products you are currently buying. Utilizing proprietary research techniques and resources, we can quickly and efficiently provide a short list of potential suppliers that meet your cost, quality and delivery requirements. We can obtain quotes, review references and search for any other critical information.

With over 20 years of research experience, we can provide clients with strategic intelligence enabling them
to increase revenues and decrease costs.  For more information on our business research services, please visit www.lordstoneresearch.com

Recent Engagements
  • Product Development

  • Supplier Sourcing

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