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Management Search

Lordstone provides management search services on an exclusive basis to clients throughout a broad range of industries and functions. The firm specializes in locating, assessing and selecting successful mid level executives and managers throughout a variety of industries and functions, including:  
  • Accounting & Finance
  • T/MIS Engineering
  • Materials/Purchasing
  • Scientific, R&D
  • Manufacturing Production & Operations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technical Purchasing
  • HR  
Utilizing a combination of our in-depth research process, proprietary databases and network of successful professionals, we can quickly and efficiently help you fill critical positions throughout your organization.

Contract Services
Lordstone also provides seasoned managers to organizations for a defined time period measured in weeks or months.

Prior Assignments
  • Plant Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • HR Manager
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