Our Mission & Standards

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Our Mission

To assist business owners and executives in locating, assessing and selecting the right leadership and intelligence by which top line revenue growth can be achieved and bottom line margins improved.

Our Modus Operandi

By design, we are a small firm. Our clients receive a high level of personalized service directly from the principles of the firm during all phases of an engagement. We treat all we come in contact with as we would want to be treated should the relationship be reversed.

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Our Standards

At Lordstone, we believe in performing the highest quality work possible that results in long term value for clients. As a result, we seek clients who share our values and demonstrate them through good business practices, fair treatment of employees, and superior quality of products or services.

Four things must be in place in order for us to accept an assignment:

The client must be an organization, about which we can be enthusiastic, whose values are not in conflict with our own.

We must feel we can find and attract the type of leader you are seeking. The search must be feasible and the compensation package realistic for the position.

Our proprietary search and assessment process needs to be understood, agreed upon and utilized.

The selected candidate must have the appropriate opportunity to succeed in the position.

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